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699 SEK

Your Puckmate is hand crafted in two parts. The blue elastic foam is made from water resistant fibers and is environment friendly. The yellow polyurethane is super easy to attach to almost every surface. Puckmate has the same effect all over it's body. The feeling is that the puck returns in the exact same speed as the shot or pass itself. As you know it's important to take care of your "mates". Let us walk you through a few easy steps to keep your Puckmate clean for a long lasting life.
1. Always use the protective film when you're not using your Puckmate.
2. If the yellow surface gets dirty simply wash it in lukewarm water and some regular soap. 
3. Let it air dry. Have patience and do NOT rub it. 
If something were to get stuck in the yellow surface remove it with a pincette. 

Price is for 1 Puckmate. Picture shows the products back and front.

L: 100 cm
B: 10 cm
D: 2,7 cm
Weight: 380 grams.

Puckmate is a brand new product for ice-hockey players and enthuisasts everywhere. It's a lightweight, portable and smart practice system for passing and shooting that rivals more expensive designs by being cutting-edge, simple and at the same time affordable. With Puckmate you can improve your game - without breaking the bank!