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Puckmate Off-Ice

999 SEK

Brand new product for high intensity off- ice training! Puckmate Off-Ice, combines the unique polyurethane rebound surface with a solid aluminum structure and screw clamps for attaching to the surface in no time!  It also features a rubber bottom which reduces friction and makes it stabile. Don't let weather or ice access limit your skills, with Puckmate Off-ice there are no more excuses!

DImensions:  100 * 13 * 10 cm. 
Weight: 2,7 kg.

Puckmate is a brand new product for ice-hockey players and enthuisasts everywhere. It's a lightweight, portable and smart practice system for passing and shooting that rivals more expensive designs by being cutting-edge, simple and at the same time affordable. With Puckmate you can improve your game - without breaking the bank!