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Maximum glide with minimal noise - the Floormate provides excellent quality of training with supreme flowing feeling. This high quality tool will elevate your skills and bring many hours of fun.

Floormate is completely mobile, highly durable, frost proof and equipped with expansion bits to allow the floor to adapt to the ground surface, whether you choose to mount it indoors or outdoors. The Floormate is perforated with hundreds of tiny holes to minimize friction, at the same time making it easy to clean.

The Floormate is made up of 21 plates (14 blue and 7 grey) + rounded pieces around the edges. Measurements of the mounted Floormate:

L: 2450 mm

W: 1010 mm

Puckmate is a brand new product for ice-hockey players and enthuisasts everywhere. It's a lightweight, portable and smart practice system for passing and shooting that rivals more expensive designs by being cutting-edge, simple and at the same time affordable. With Puckmate you can improve your game - without breaking the bank!